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Akademia Diplomatike e Kosovës

Trainings and Courses

Diplomatic Academy continuously organises different training and seminars, with its partners. Topics of special focus are: negotiations, international relations, peace and security, economic diplomacy, public diplomacy, processes and relations with the EU, human rights, etc. 


Diplomatic Academy in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of International Relations - CLINGENDAEL, is implementing its three-year project, that focuses on development of three training programmes for different levels of officials:

 - Training Programme for Young Diplomats. 

- Training Programme for Mid-Career Diplomats.

- Training Programme for High-Level Diplomats.


These programmes are offered only to officials of the MFA and other civil servants of  the line. For up-to-now activities, please refer to NEWS link, while for more inquiries, contact us on  


State Symbols
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