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The Minister of Foreign Affairs makes appeal: Islamic countries should recognize Kosovo

While mentioning that 80 states have recognized Kosovo since February 2008, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo said that Islamic countries should recognize independence to fulfill their fraternal responsibility. The Minister, who is visiting various countries throughout the world for recognition, said that they are making considerable efforts to become members of the EU and UN.

Newspaper ZAMAN- 19.08.2011

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said that 80 states have recognized Kosovo since February 2008 but he emphasized that there are still Islamic countries which have not recognized independence. The Minister who is traveling the world for recognition of independence said that considerable efforts are being made for membership in the EU and UN. Hoxhaj said that Turkey is responsible for the largest investment in Kosova for which he expressed his appreciation.

The Minister is in Istanbul participating in a meeting organized by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation about Somalia, where he gave an exclusive interview to the newspaper Zaman.

While mentioning that over 20 out of the 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation have not recognized Kosovo’s independence, Minister Hoxhaj said, “We share the same faith, culture and vision with them. We hope that in fraternal responsibility they will recognize us.” He added that the greatest effort is being made to become members of the EU and UN and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo pointed out that they are trying to create strong relations with these organizations. Hoxhaj said that the claim that Russia and China (which have not recognized independence) are with Serbia does not reflect reality, as these countries are just trying to understand the situation. The Kosovo Minister said that they are trying to reach every country in the world in order to recognize their state. “We are trying to explain what Kosova’s freedom means by visiting various countries in the world” he said.

Hoxhaj pointed out that the negotiations with Serbia, which have been continuing for a year do not have a political goal, but are just dialogue meetings in which they discuss social and trading issues.  Hoxhaj said that negotiations with all Balkan countries continue.  He added that in the next month, they will discuss energy, telecommunications and technical issues. Hoxhaj also addressed the border tension in the north (of Kosovo). He stated that the events were not begun by civilians, but were directed by Serbia. He said that since the end of the war in his country, they (the Kosovo Government) have been trying to escape dependence on other states and are working to develop their own intelligence service and security. 

Hoxhaj said that the greatest investors in his country are from Turkey and that some have received tenders to administer Prishtina’s airport and to build the country’s largest motorway. Hoxhaj said that at one point there were 30,000 Turkish soldiers in Kosovo, but now their number has been reduced to 5,000. He explained that Turkish soldiers, as well as providing security, have helped to build schools and hospitals. 

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