October 2014

Foreign Policy Priorities

The Republic of Kosovo’s foreign policy priorities

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo is committed to protecting and securing the country’s independence, defending state interests in the international arena, promoting Kosovo’s political and economic interests, and protecting and representing the rights and interests of its citizens. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo pledges to commit to the maximum toward raising the subjectivity of our new state, achieving the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by the majority of states in the international community, establishing diplomatic relations with these states, cultivating close and special relations with the United States of America, building a strategic partnership with the European Union and NATO and progressing swiftly through the EU integration process, starting with visa liberalization for Kosovo’s citizens.

In order to successfully achieve this mission, the key foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Kosovo are as follows:

  •  Recognition of Kosovo’s independence by an absolute majority of the states in the international community and establishment of diplomatic relations with these countries.
  •  Cultivating close and special relations with the United States of America remains a particular priority for Kosovo’s foreign policy, as this relation continues to play a strategic role in maintaining the peace and stability in the country and region.
  •  Building a strategic partnership with the European Union and NATO, including establishing contractual relations with these organizations on the path toward Euro-Atlantic integration.
  •  Including Kosovo in the visa liberalization process, something which would facilitate freedom of movement of people and goods in countries in the EU region.
  •  Kosovo’s membership in international organizations of special importance for the subjectivity and international prestige of the Republic of Kosovo.
  •  Developing good neighborly relations and regional cooperation based on shared interests, through bilateral and multilateral agreements.
  •  Representing and protecting the interests of citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.
  •  Increasing the welfare of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo by promoting economic interests, attracting foreign investment and joining international economic organizations.
  •  Making functional and increasing capacities in the foreign and consular service of the Republic of Kosovo.
  •  Promoting a new real and modern image of the Republic of Kosovo.

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