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June 2015

Indonesia is closely looking at recognition of Kosovo

Skender Hyseni, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, met with Nur Hassan Wirajuda, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, as part of the series of meetings he is holding in New York.

New York, 30 September 2009

Minister Hyseni informed his counter-part about Kosovo’s progress and developments regarding recognition of Kosovo, as well as the request for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice.

Minister Hyseni focused in particular on the unique character of Kosovo’s case, pointing out that Kosovo was part of a federation, which no longer exists, and which was violently broken up by war, resulting in great human tragedy. The Minister spoke also about other aspects and processes which together have made this a unique case.

When Minister Hyseni called upon his counter-part to recognize Kosovo, Mr. Wirajuda, Foreign Minister of Indonesia, assured him that Indonesia was looking closely at Kosovo’s request and that a decision would be taken at an appropriate moment.

In the margins of work taking place at the UN General Assembly, Minister Hyseni also spoke with many of his other counter-parts and diplomatic representatives visiting New York for this event. 


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