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Gambia recognizes Kosovo’s independence

Minister Hyseni held a special and very productive meeting on 26 March with the Ambassador of the Republic of Gambia to the UN, Ms. Susan Waffa-Ogoo, in which the Ambassador simultaneously announced and promised the swift recognition of Kosovo’s independence by her Government.

Prishtina, 7 April 2009

This promise was kept and the Republic of Gambia recognized Kosovo’s independence. The decision to recognize Kosovo’s independence was made known by the Gambian Ambassador in Washington, to the Kosovo Embassy in Washington.

The Republic of Gambia is the 57th state to recognize Kosovo.

Gambia is situated in the west of Africa. Besides its Atlantic coast, Gambia is bordered by Senegal.


Hoxhaj conducted many Kosovo recognition lobbying meetings while in New YorkDeputy Minister Demaj hosted the delegation of the CDU Union’s youthHoxhaj meets ambassador Daviet, an ambassador who continuously supported KosovoHoxhaj, fruitful meetings with the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Poland in New York