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Minister Hyseni’s activities in New York

Minister Hyseni still continues his stay in New York. After the participation speech addressed to the Security Council of the United Nations, Minister Hyseni, yesterday, had a number of meetings with ambassadors and accredited chiefs of the missions of the various states in the UN’s Organization in New York.

New York, March 25, 2009

Minister Hyseni used the opportunity to inform the interlocutors on Kosovo achievements since its independence declaration and to stimulate and speed up the process of the recognition of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign country.

Minister Hyseni, during a long and encouraging meeting, has informed Grenada Ambassador to the UN, Mrs. Dessima M. Williams, on all developments in Kosovo during the first year since Kosovo declaration of independence. He has emphasized that Kosovo is building fast and effectively its sovereign and democratic institutions that are in the service to all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. Minister Hyseni also underlined the progress being made in the economic realm.

Minister expressed his gratification with the dynamic of process of recognitions. ‘Kosovo has been recognized by 56 sovereign countries from all over the world. Kosovo has been recognized by all its neighbors, excluding Serbia. Kosovo has been recognized by 22 out of 27 EU member states. Kosovo has to get more recognition in order to become a member of relevant economic and political organizations. So, I am once again directing the appeal to Your Government to consider the request for recognition of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign country as soon as possible,’ Kosovar Foreign Minister Hyseni said.

Ambassador Williams, also the chairwoman of CARICOM in the UN, has emphasized that her country, along with other CARICOM member countries, is trying to achieve unity to make a decision for Kosovo. She has also said that Grenada is following closely developments in Kosovo and the decision for recognition will be considered on right time.

During the next special meeting, Minister Hyseni thanked once again the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the UN, Mr. Ahmed Abdulrahman Al-Jarmani for recognizing Kosovo by his country and for the UAE the support given to Kosovo in many processes for a while now. 

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