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Minister Hoxhaj seeks Kosovo’s recognition by Tunisia

Tunis, 17 January 2013 - Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, was on his first official visit to Tunisia, at the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, Rafik Abdessalem.

Minister Hoxhaj was received by his counterpart Abdessalem on this important visit, in the context of lobbying of countries that have still not recognized Kosovo.

During the meeting, Minister Hoxhaj presented the progress achieved continually in the Republic of Kosovo, submitting a formal request for recognition of Kosovo by Tunisia, which was received with pleasure by the Tunisian minister.
“Kosovo’s people have struggled constantly for the same political cause as that of Tunisia’s people and were motivated by three great aspirations, human dignity, justice and freedom. So a decision on official recognition of the Republic of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state by your Government, would be seen as respect for these three great values for which the Tunisian people themselves have struggled”, said Minister Hoxhaj, during his meeting with Minister Abdessalem. 

Hoxhaj also emphasized that new Tunisia can demonstrate a new foreign policy with the example of recognizing Kosovo.

“The Kosovo Government is very interested in developing comprehensive bilateral relations with other countries, but first it is important that your Government take a decision to recognize Kosovo and I am very grateful to you for this invitation allowing me to make my first official visit as Kosovo’s Foreign Minister to your country”, said Hoxhaj.

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister also informed his Tunisian counterpart about Kosovo’s successful state-building over the last five years, the consolidating of international subjectivity by increasing recognitions and Kosovo’s membership of various international organizations. 

“Kosovo is very grateful to Tunisia for its vote for Kosovo’s membership of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and we are interested in having close economic, trade, educational and cultural cooperation between our countries”, said Minister Hoxhaj, in the meeting. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, Rafik Abdessalem, said that the decision to recognize Kosovo by Tunisia is in the last stages of coordination between the Government and Tunisian Presidency and it is just a matter of time before this will happen.

In addition, Minister Abdessalem expressed his admiration for the values shared by our two peoples for the cause of freedom and dignity.

Hoxhaj and Abdessalem shared the position that Kosovo’s recognition would be the start of bilateral cooperation in the field of economy, trade, education, culture and tourism.

They also agreed that non-recognition of Kosovo has only created obstructions and barriers to deepening cooperation between our two peoples.

Minister Hoxhaj also invited Minister Abdessalem on an official visit to the Republic of Kosovo.

After his successful visits to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, will hold meetings with many figures, and political and institutional leaders of this state.

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