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Hoxhaj in Berlin: Kosovo, a success story

Berlin, 23 November 2012 – During his attendance at the conference of foreign ministers of countries of South-Eastern Europe in Berlin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, gave a speech to participants, including the foreign ministers of Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Serbia, as well as US and Turkish representatives.

During the lecture titled, “Quo Vadis, Western Balkans”, Minister Hoxhaj talked about processes in the Balkans during recent decades.

Hoxhaj said that after two decades of wars and ethnic cleansing, the Balkans is finally on the path to complete stability, and the role of the European Union has been that of a project of peace, security and stability in the Balkans.

According to him, this happened thanks to European and American support in the region.

“Now, however in 2012, the Euro-Atlantic agenda for the Balkans, which had as its goal security and regional stability, has begun to be replaced with the clear agenda of a European perspective and the path to membership for all countries in the region. To this end, the Europeanization of the region is now the modernization of the region, which means not just building democratic institutions, but the deep transformation of each state and society in the Balkans”, said Hoxhaj, adding that for this reason in Kosovo European integration is not understood as the importing or transfer of Kosovo into Europe, but as the building of a European Kosovo within it.

In addition, Minister Hoxhaj talked about progress in Kosovo in recent years.

He said that during these five years, the Republic of Kosovo has proved itself to be a success story of European and American support, referring to the removal of international supervision.

“This has made Kosovo’s sovereignty complete and has strengthened the responsibility of our institutions”, said Hoxhaj, adding that the removal of international supervision is proof of the success of Kosovo and of the international community.

Hoxhaj said that Kosovo has entered into an important phase of European integration, which as he said, has been confirmed in the feasibility study, presented in October this year and which confirms the opening of negotiations with the EU and Kosovo for the signing of an agreement on Stabilization and Association.

“This would be a decisive step for Kosovo on its European path, though Kosovo in comparison with the dynamic of other states in the region is some years behind, since it is the newest state in the region. At the same time, within the framework of European integration, the Republic of Kosovo has started the process of normalizing of relations with the Republic of Serbia, as two independent and sovereign states. This process will facilitate the resolution of open bilateral issues between the two states, in the public interest”, said Hoxhaj, adding that this process will also facilitate the closing of a chapter of a difficult historic past between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia and the opening of a new chapter of neighborly co-operation  and integration as two independent states in the European Union.

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