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October 2014

People and institutions of Morocco Kingdom support the will of Kosovo people

During his visit in Vienna, Foreign Affairs Minister of Kosovo Republic, Mr. Skender Hyseni has met the ambassador of Morocco Kingdom assigned to Vienna, Mr. Omar Zniber.

Prishtina - January 29, 2009

Minister has talked about all processes in Kosovo that happened in the aftermath of independence declaration, on February 17, 2008. He has especially emphasized the process of international recognition. Foreign Minister has requested from ambassador Zniber if Morocco could consider as soon as possible the request for recognition of Republic Kosovo.
‘Recognizing Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state, You would help a new state in the path of consolidation of democracy as well to the membership of Kosovo Republic in the international organizations and its economic boost’.
Ambassador Zniber said that the Kingdom of Morocco is watching carefully each development in Kosovo. ‘People and institutions of my country understand and support the will of Kosovo people. We have been and remain close to Kosovo; I can tell you that my country is having wide consults with other countries on the issue of Kosovo recognition. We will make a decision for Kosovo at right time’, ambassador has emphasized. 


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Minister Hoxhaj travels to Serbia to participate at the Western Balkans Foreign Ministers Conference


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Minister Hoxhaj congratulates Minister Bushati for election of Albania as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council


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