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Hoxhaj në Prizren, bashkëjetesa dhe dialogu ndërfetar Hoxhaj in Prizren, coexistence and interreligious dialogue are the pillars of the Kosovo stateshtylla të shtetit të Kosovës (Video)

Prizren, 24 May 2014 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, announced the establishment of an International Centre for Interreligious Dialogue in Kosovo in the course of the Kosovo state commitment to promote tolerance and interreligious dialogue.

Organizing the interreligious conference in one of the most historic and multi ethnic cities speaks of Kosovo’s state dedication on promoting even more the religious tolerance and co-existence of faith communities for many years, emphasized Hoxhaj.

"Kosovo is an example of religious tolerance, and this is a value that must be preserved and cultivated. We have proved perseverance and protection of religious heritage of all religious groups in Kosovo. Therefore, we have decided to establish  an International Centre for Interreligious Dialogue in Kosovo which would serve to further promote religious harmony in Kosovo and beyond", said Hoxhaj, before over 100 religious figures and scholars from around the world and the region.

Minister Hoxhaj also said that Kosovo, the state and political elites have pushed forward the religious pluralism and coexistence, promoting secularism as one of the main pillars of the state.

He also spoke about the destructions of the mosques during the last war, which are summarized in a book that will be promoted during this conference.

“During this conference was also promoted a book that represents the destruction of Islamic heritage in Kosovo, during the recent war in the country. The book clearly and figuratively presents the destruction of 208 mosques committed by Serb forces. While Kosovo has taken measures to restore and protect the Serbian Orthodox heritage in Kosovo, Serbia has not taken similar measures to recognize and accept the damages caused to the Islamic religious heritage in Kosovo", said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Mr. Enver Hoxhaj.

Following the success of the annual conference last year in Peja, this year over 150 guests from around 50 countries gathered in the historic town of Prizren in the second annual interreligious conference entitled "Religion and Politics: Strengthening interreligious dialogue aiming democratic development" (May 23 to 25), which marks the  beginning of Tolerance and Reconciliation Week in Kosovo.