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Minister Hoxhaj in the meeting with Imams in Podujeva, announces the Week of Tolerance in Kosovo

Podujeva, 20 May 2014 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, announced from Podujeva the holding of Second International Conference on Religious Tolerance in Prizren, which will be held from 23rd to 30th of May.

During the meeting with the Head of the Islamic Community in Podujeva, Bekim Jashari, Imam Idriz Bilalli and the imams from the city, minister Hoxhaj stated that he did not accidentally chose Podujeva to announce the Week of Tolerance in Kosovo, since religious leaders, not only in this city but throughout Kosovo were an example of coexistence and tolerance for decades.

“I`m honoured that today I had the opportunity to announce and invite the Head Imam Mr. Bilalli and other imams to participate in the Second International Conference on Tolerance which will be held in Prizren this week. It is a goods opportunity to show all religious leaders throughout the world and other societies that in Kosovo, Islam and other religions have coexisted for many years and generations. This is our rich heritage and is a value which we must share with other people", stated Minister Hoxhaj.

Minister Hoxhaj informed the imams and the Heads of Islamic Community in this municipality regarding the purpose of organizing this conference, and the results that are aimed to be achieved and the messages that should be sent to other societies.

Head Imam Mr. Bilalli thanked Minister Hoxhaj for this organization, and in particular thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which during the recent years has done a lot to promote religious tolerance in Kosovo and for other societies and religious leaders in the world.

Organization of the Week of Tolerance is the second international platform which is held in Prizren from 23rd to the 30th of May of this year, since last year it was held in Peja.

In this international level conference, over 100 religious figures, theologians and scholars from the world are expected to participate in order to discuss the relations on religion and politics, especially the advancement of dialogue among religions as a form of democratic development.

During this week a series of activities will be organized in Kosovo, such as: International Interreligious Conference "Religion and Politics" in Prizren, the publishing of the book "The Destruction of Islamic Heritage in the Kosovo War, 1998-1999” as well as lectures and other activities.