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Congressman Engel acknowledges Pacolli's contribution for recognition, Pacolli calls for increased US presence

Prishtina, 21 November 2017 – During a business breakfast held today with First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, US Congressman Eliot Engel has appreciated the extraordinary contribution of Kosovo's chief diplomat in increasing and expanding the geography of recognitions across the globe.

Discussing on the same topic, the head of Kosovo diplomacy, Mr. Pacolli requested continued cooperation and increased new efforts with Congressman Engel, for bringing new recognitions, from states that have not yet taken such a step.

In the framework of this meeting, Minister Pacolli called for the increase of US presence in Kosovo and called for giant American companies, experienced in the mining field to come and invest in the Trepça mine.

With the same purpose of increasing American investments in our country, Minister Pacolli also invited the well-known American multinational brands in the field of agri-food products to come and invest in Kosovo so that Kosovo's excellent products shall become part of global markets.

Subsequently, Minister Pacolli informed the great friend of Albanians with his vision, in the new government, in order to produce faster economic results and increase the welfare of the country's citizens.

In terms of the dialogue with Serbia, he emphasised that focusing on the economy instead of propaganda, would make the dialogue more fruitful and Kosovo’s international position would be strengthened.

This meeting was also attended by the Minister of Economic Development of Kosovo, Mr. Valdrin Lluka and Democratic Staff Director Committee on Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jason Steinbaum.


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