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Press Release

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been and remains committed to the full membership of the Republic of Kosovo in INTERPOL. In function of this common objective, and in coordination with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Kosovo Police, we are engaged and committed, with the highest responsibility and professionalism, in order for Kosovo to have its deserved place, as soon as possible, in this Organization of a high importance to our national security, and to the security of our neighbouring countries and the region.

However, following the detailed assessment and analysis of our country's membership process in INTERPOL and internal dynamics within this Organization, we have considered that it is in our best interest to postpone the voting on Kosovo's membership in INTERPOL for next year.

Firstly, INTERPOL is in the process of reviewing membership procedures and criteria, therefore, in coordination with the Quint countries, and particularly with the USA and Germany, we have considered that these criteria should be clarified prior to voting on Kosovo's application. This session of the General Assembly is expected to focus on domestic reforms.

Secondly, the country hosting the meeting of INTERPOL’s General Assembly hesitated to allow the participation of Kosovo’s delegation in this Assembly, and the members of our delegation have been unable to obtain visas. Therefore, due to the circumstances, the voting on Kosovo could not take place without the presence of our delegation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to thank all those involved from Kosovo’s institutions, and all partner countries, particularly the Quint countries, and at the same time invites everyone to work together in the next meeting, so that Kosovo is voted as a full-fledged member of Interpol.

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