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Minister Demaj met with the Ambassador of Greece and thanked him for the Greek support in regional initiatives and International Organizations

Prishtina, 4 September 2017 – The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Emanuel Demaj, hosted in a regular meeting the Head of Liaison Office of Greece in Pristina, Ambassador Konstantina Athanassiadou.

In this meeting it was generally discussed on the bilateral relations between the two respective countries, both at the political and economic level.

By appreciating highly the political relations between the two states, Demaj also talked about the constructive support that Greece has given in the past and is still giving to our country with regards to membership in regional initiatives and international organizations.

In the meantime, in the spirit of deepening bilateral economic co-operation, it is also mentioned the willingness of both countries to continue with the organization of other Economic Forums that would potentially further enhance market exchange and investment between the two countries.

In the meeting it was also emphasized the priority that there is no open issue between the Republic of Kosovo and Greece.

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