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The Kingdom of Bahrain has recognized the Republic of Kosovo

Late yesterday evening, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Skender Hyseni, was informed of this news over the telephone by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the UN, Mr. Tawfeeq Ahmed Almansoor. This morning, Minister Hyseni had a long and friendly conversation on the phone with the Foreign Minister Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmed dal Khalifa, during which he reconfirmed the recognition of Kosovo by this state.

Prishtina, 19 May 2009

The Foreign minister of Bahrain, during the telephone conversation, congratulated Minister Hyseni on the Kingdom of Bahrain’s recognition of Kosovo’s statehood, while Minister Hyseni thanked his opposite number, for the steps undertaken by Kingdom of Bahrain to recognize Kosovo’s statehood and sovereignty and in addition, he promised to quickly establish diplomatic relations between the two countries and to intensify close cooperation.

In addition, the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmed dal Khalifa invited Minister Hyseni to visit Bahrain at a convenient time. Minister Hyseni thanked Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmed dal Khalifa for his invitation and assured him that at the most appropriate time, he would visit the friendly country of Bahrain.

The Kingdom of Bahrain had announced the recognition of Kosovo in March of this year, in a meeting that Minister Hyseni held in New York with the Ambassador of Bahrain to the United Nations, Mr. Tawfeeq Ahmed Almansoor. Just a few days after this meeting, the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission of Bahrain had recommended that the Government recognize Kosovo’s independence.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is the 60th country to recognize Kosovo.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf. In the west, it borders Saudi Arabia and in the South, it borders Qatar. 

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