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Minister Hyseni received the delegated minister for Foreign Affairs of Luxemburg, Mr. Nicolas Schmit

Today Kosovo Foreign Affairs Minister Skender Hyseni received the delegated minister for Foreign Affairs of Luxemburg, Mr. Nicolas Schmit. During the meeting, interlocutors discussed long on various topics and Kosovo was undoubtedly a dominating subject.

Prishtina - February 11, 2009

Minister Hyseni informed his interlocutor with actual developments in Kosovo, covering most of the issue-fields, on progress that Kosovo has made throughout the first year anniversary since declaring the independence, as well many other issues that dealt with capacity building within the Kosovo Foreign Affairs Ministry and enhancement of diplomatic net abroad. During the meeting, it was also discussed about the recognition process and the crucial importance of this process in order to include Kosovo in all processes of association-stabilization, for European future of Kosovo and the importance of strengthening the diplomatic relations with European countries and others. It was discussed about short, mid and long term plans of Kosovo, on challenges that Kosovo is facing and other challenges expected to be faced in the future, etc. Mr. Schmit expressed understanding for the progress in Kosovo, whereas Minister Hyseni thanked the interlocutor for the support provided to Kosovo people by Luxemburg during the key moments of its history, especially emphasizing the welcome given to Kosovar refugees during war. 

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