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The Finnish Liaison Office to rise up at Embassy level

Kosovo Foreign Affairs Minister, Skender Hyseni received the head of Finnish Office in Prishtina- Mrs. Kristina Haikio- in a meeting. During the meeting, Finnish Head of the Office passed over verbal note of Finnish Foreign Affairs Ministry to Minister Hyseni, through which it is informed to establish full diplomatic relations at the ambassador level.

Prishtina- February 3, 2009

As of February 1, 2009 with a decision of Finnish Foreign Affairs Ministry, the up to present Office raised up at embassy level.
Minister Hyseni thanked Mrs. Haikio for the decision as well for the continuous support provided to Kosovo by Finland.

‘Rising up of diplomatic relations at embassy level between our two countries is evident to the reached progress in Kosovo, it also shows the stability of the country throughout the first year of the independence’, said Minister Hyseni during the meeting.

The Head of Finland Liaison Office in Kosovo, Mrs. Haikio confirmed once again Finnish support to the processes in Kosovo.
During the meeting, it was also emphasized the excellent relation between two countries. 

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