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Recognition of Kosovo by Pakistan just a matter of time

Kosovo Foreign Minister, Mr. Skender Hyseni has had series of meetings in Vienna with representatives of some countries. The meetings are held as part of contacts to aim rapidity of recognition process of Kosovo Republic as an independent and sovereign state.

Vienna-January 28, 2009

Today, FM Hyseni has met with Pakistani permanent representative assigned to Vienna, ambassador Shahbaz, whom he talked to in relation to the international process of Kosovo recognition, as well for other developments in Kosovo during the last months.

FM Hyseni has requested from ambassador Shahbaz to pass the massage of Kosovo people and its institutions to Pakistani Government in order to be recognized by this country.

Ambassador Shahbaz declared that Pakistani has always watched closely the developments in Kosovo, especially the long negotiation process led by the president Ahtisaari. He emphasized that people and government of Pakistan have supported and support Kosovo on its path.
‘It is just a matter of time when Pakistan will make its final step, on taking the decision to recognize Kosovo. Pakistan is conducting intensive talk to its neighbors in regard with this issue, as well with other members of the Organization of Islamic Conference, concluded ambassador Shahbaz. 

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