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Adriana Matoshi and Dj Pm to establish the "Albanian Cultural Week" in Sweden

Prishtina, 9 November 2017 - Along with the ''Dardania'' association in Sweden, Kosovar actress Adriana Matoshi and DJ Pm are holding meetings with Albanian children in Sweden, where Adriana has notified the children about her personal experience in the field of acting through a workshop, as well as other engagements in Kosovo, writes KultPlus.

Adriana Matoshi informed KultPlus that opportunities are being considered to engage in a cooperation with the "Dardania" association so that such presentations become more frequent in Sweden, which aim at preserving Albanian language and culture.

"Hans Johansson, an official in the municipality of Borås in Sweden, has seen our presentation, and this presentation precisely has resulted in the establishment of the cultural week in Borås of Sweden," said Matoshi, who was very optimistic about the joint activities with the "Dardania" Association, in Sweden.


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