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The architect Përparim Rama and his team will design the well-known park in England

Prishtina, 25 August 2017 - The renowned Kosovar architect, Përparim Rama, along with his team have been appointed to design the well-known park of a palace in England built in the distant 1538 by Henry VIII.

At this original location where the Great Tudor Palace once existed, today there is the Oatlands Park Hotel, a landmark of historic value. Rama and his team are appointed to design the interior at this location. Oatlands Park Hotel, a natural beauty, is located 20 minutes away from Heathrow Airport in Longford, England.

“We are appointed to design the interior spaces of this historical building, located at original site of the Great Tudor Palace", wrote the architect on his Facebook account. This is a perfect place for celebrations, parties and conferences, there is room for relaxation and leisure and the part of accommodation that does not lag behind in this magical and green place, writes KultPlus. The renowned Kosovar architect Përparim Rama was awarded with several international awards for his excellent work.


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