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The selection committee for Kosovo's Oscars proposal has been established

Prishtina, 16 August 2017 – The Selection Committee for the selection of the film that will be the Kosovo’s Oscar proposal has been established, which is composed of : Astrit Kabashi (chairperson), Antoneta Kastrati, Visar Morina, Doruntina Basha, Arben Bajraktaraj, Ilire Vinca and Zymber Kelmendi.

The committee will make the selection of the best film that will be the Kosovo's Oscar prize candidate in the category for the best foreign film.

The call for the submission of proposals to be taken into consideration at the Oscar Academy is open until 10 September 2017, and after the closure the decision will be taken by the Selection Committee.

This is the fourth year that Kosovo has been qualified for nomination, and the previous films that were nominated in consecutive years at Oscars Academy were: 'Home Sweet Home' by Faton Bajraktari, 'Babai' by Visar Morina and 'Tri Dritare and një Varje' by Isa Qosja.


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