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Next year, Sislej Xhafa with an exhibition in Kosovo

Prishtina, 8 August 2017 – Next year, the artist Sislej Xhafa will bring his art to an exhibition in Kosovo. This was announced by the artist himself last night during the event “Ta zbardhi ftyrën” organised in Prishtina by the art and culture magazine – KultPlus.

During discussion, the artist disclosed that he is working together with Arta Agani, Director of the Kosovo National Gallery, in organizing an exhibition in Prishtina, thereby marking the return of the artists to Prishtina after some years. Xhafa has very been active with his exhibitions in different countries, including the Bienale of Venice, where his art piece “Lost and Found” is being displayed.

This will be yet another cooperation between Sislej Xhafa and Arta Aganit, since they are part of Kosovo Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in Italy, with Arta being the curator of the Pavilion. “I will not unveil anything more, but we are discussing and the plan is to have an exhibition next year. Collaboration with Arta is always good, but I will not disclose anything more” stated Xhafa during the conversation last night in the Hamam Bar in Prishtina, where a lot of people were interested to listen to the stories of Sislej Xhafa and Imer Kutllovci.


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