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Xhaka brothers fled from war in Kosovo, and made history in Europe

Prishtina, 15 December 2015 - Xhaka family will experience the UEFA EURO 2016 Championship in France with mixed feelings. Two of the sons of this family will take part in this event, Taulant and Granit.

The draw of European Championship was the most special and emotional for Xhaka family. Brothers Taulant and Granit will play against each other in the championship that will be held next year in France. The first represents Albania, and the second Switzerland, is written in an article of Daily Newspaper Zëri.

They will write the history of the European Championships, since it never happened before two brothers to play as opponents in this prestigious competition. The history of Xhaka family is special. You can make a movie out of this story. Their father, Ragip, sacrificed a lot and worked hard to reach here. Ragip's family immigrated for a better life. And Switzerland opened the doors for this family, from which many great Albanians players came, including Xhaka brothers. Ragip is grateful to the Helvetic state, and constantly thanks for all that Switzerland provided to him. In return, he gave Switzerland one sun, Granit. Although represents this state, Borussia Monchengladbach player never hides the fact that he is Albanian. Granit comes often in Prishtina.

He often celebrated the goals by forming the eagle with hands, whereas in the game between Switzerland and Albania, he had a hundred percent shot, but failed to score against land of the Eagles. Also, he posted a photo on social networks, with tears in his eyes when Gianni De Biasi's team secured qualification in European Championship. And Taulant, Basel's magnificent midfielder has become a key player of the national team, which he preferred ahead of Switzerland, with which he played for the youth team. However, in the field, they will not recognize each other and will do their best for the respective teams.

But for whom Ragip will cheer. "I will be neutral," he stated. However, Albanians can be proud that they will be represented in European Championship with a large number of players, more than any other nation. And crème de la crème will be when two Xhaka brothers face each other in the stadium. On 11 June they will write the history.

The game between Xhaka brothers, Taulant and Granit will be historical. It never happened for two brothers to be opponents in European Championship.



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