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Alketa Xhafa project "Mendoj për ty" was awarded with the FIDES prize

Prishtina, 4 December 2015 - The project "Mendoj për ty" (Thinking of you) of creative artist Alketa Xhafa, through which were gathered dresses for the cause of sexual violence victims and war victims, won the philanthropic award FIDES 2015 for best social awareness raising campaign.

"Thanks to all those who supported the project and to the volunteers who have worked in this campaign. I cannot be present to get the award", says the artist, whereas her father took this award on her behalf given by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and FIQ.

The beauty of this project is that each dress has a story, people are not only giving a dress, because most of the dresses have history, have stories. "This installation is part of the awareness raising campaign organized by the National Council for Survivors of Sexual Violence during the war. The initiative was presented and the dresses were gathered from different cities of Kosovo.

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