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Artist Driton Selmani with "Archeology of Capitalism" in Ljubljana

Prishtina, 3 December 2015 - There are 16 polaroid photos, under the concept of "Archeology of Capitalism", through which the artist Driton Selmani joined the exhibition Different World - Young Contemporary Photography, that opened these days in Ljubljana.

Selmani's work focuses on reflection of social issues in his surroundings and in the construction of a provocative and controversial discourse, based on the humour and irony. "It's an ongoing investigation in parallel reality that challenges the conventional perception of the viewer. This is related to the searching of objects that leave the landscape" says Selmani. "Archeology of Capitalism" according to curator Miha Colner relates to the treatment of "otherness" of the ordinary, that is is very popular as well as it is unknown in front of camera. Maša Bajc, Ivan Dorotić Iztok Klančar, Petra Mrša, Marina Paulenka are some other artists that are part of the exhibition. The exhibition will be divided between the two premises, Photon - Centre for Contemporary Photography and Kino Šiška. Recent personal exhibitions of Selmani include "Strange things happening in the neighbourhood" in Hotel Graçanica in Prishtina (2014) and "Daf / Def / Deaf" in AfG in Vienna (2014). Group exhibitions include "Nationless" at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki (2015), "Parallel Sprawl" in Modelarium of Architecture in Prishtina (2015), "Let Us Start from the Middle" in Tirana Art Lab (2014) and "Here , Now, Where" in the 5th Biennale of Marrakech (Morocco, 2014).



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