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10 Kosovo films aiming Berlinale

Pristine, 19 November-Today in Zagreb, Croatia will begin the screening of the latest films of the region to the Berlinale spectators. This event will last for three days, whereby the newest movie productions will be presented aiming to participate in the 66th edition of Berlin International Film Festival, which is one of the largest festivals in the world.

During this year the long length films will be presented in Zagreb together with the films from the region, as well as 10 Kosovo films such as: “Home Sweet Home” scripted by Zymber Kelmendi and directed by Faton Bajraktari, “Eho e Heshtur” scripted and directed  by Dren Zherka and ‘”Engjujt janë larg” scripted and directed by Gjergj Xhuvani

 While the short movies are: “Fjala” scripted by Besian Hysaj and directed by Ujkan Hysaj, “Treni” scripted by Selmon Beha and Jeton Rushiti and directed by Selmon Beha, “Personazhi I” scripted and directed by Naim Berisha and “Anestezion” scripted and directed by Noar Sahiti.

There are also 3 animated movies that will be presented during these days in Zagreb, the following are the movies to be shown: “Alone” from Jeton Lakna, “Ncuk, Ncuk, Ncuk” from Visar Arifaj and “Përtej” from Nexhat Krasniqi.


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