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Economic Zones

Kosovo is one of the countries that really need more components which would help to create new working spaces. Economic Zones in Kosovo, operating under the Law on Economic Zones 04/L-159, where the definition of “Economic Zone” means a geographical area within the state territory, which has a special economic status, created for the purpose of promotion and development of businesses. The first initiative on establishing an economic zone was made in 2005, with the establishing of Business Park in Drenas. While, the first Law on Economic Zones Law - No. 03/L- 129 was adopted in 2009 as the first legislation on economic zones in Kosovo, and then it was followed by bylaws, this Law was repealed by a new Law, No.-04/L-159, in 2013.

Economic Zones in Kosovo, operating legally, established based on the legislation, are 3, as follows:

1. Business Park, Drenas;

2. Business Park, Mitrovica;

3. Business Park, Skenderaj.

Whereas, the other initiatives of Economic Zones in Kosova are as follows:

  • Industrial Zone in Suhareka;
  • Dutch Industrial Park (Zinkunie) - Prizren
  • Business Park  – Vushtrri
  • Technology Park – Shtime
  • Economic Zone – Gjilan / Kamenica,
  • Economic Zone – Ferizaj,

Economic Zones (Business Parks) in Kosovo and Initiatives

Business Park - Drenas

Business Park in Drenas (BPD) - is located in the village of Upper Korretice of Drenas and it is stretches 22 km along the highway Prishtina - Peja and covers a land area of ​​24 ha. This park has a land area allocated by the Municipality of Drenas, funded by the Kosovo Budget, respectively MTI. It was approved by the decision of the Government and it is operational.

Business Park - Mitrovica

The Business Park is located in the north-eastern part of the city of Mitrovica, 500m from the railway station and 1 km from the highway connecting Kosovo with Serbia and it covers an area of ​​3.5. Business Park in Mitrovica has been declared as an Economic Zone in accordance with the applicable legislation on Economic Zones, by the decision of the Government and it is operational.

Technology Park - Skenderaj

Technology Park in Skenderaj is located in the cadastral zone of Lower Kline. It has a total land area of ​​approximately 19.63 ha, which according to the project is divided into 33 parcels, intended for the exercise of industrial activities. It has been approved by the decision of the Government, however, it is not operational due to the inability to invest.