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Automotive Components

The automotive components industry in Kosovo took its first steps in the 1960s and it developed into a leading supplier of different parts for the production of not only Yugoslav vehicles but also for European and American automotive component manufacturers.

The industry was led by three prominent socially-owned enterprises such as Shock Absorbers Factory which is currently awaiting privatization, Ramiz Sadiku (former Zastava) already privatized and renamed Kosova Steel and Accumulators Factory in Trepca (Mitrovica) which is currently unoperable.

The two best known flagships of automotive component industrialization in Kosovo were the Ramiz Sadiku, which produced primarily car seats and small vehicle parts, and the Shock Absorber Factory Prishtina, which produced shock absorbers for various well-known brands such as British Armstrong, German Susta as well as French Peugeot among others. Between 1989 and 1990 the Shock Absorber Factory produced 3.3 million units each year and employed over 1,500 workers.

With the loss of foreign markets as a result of political circumstances during the 1990s, the Kosovar component manufacturers were faced with immense financial problems and consequently many of them had to rethink their business philosophy in order to survive in the global market.

Although the current output of these enterprises is still considered to be low, re-established links with the traditional partners bode well for a prospective development of this sector. The existing technology, large capacities and sufficient knowledge allow the automotive component industry to produce and support any OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] with parts at a competitive cost.

Furthermore, the trend of shifting production to Central and Eastern Europe makes the Kosovar automotive component industry even more interesting for investors or partners wishing to benefit from increasing opportunities in the region.