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Investment Opportunities

Information and Communication Technology (BPO)The IT sector in Kosovo, including Internet Service Providers, has experienced a remarkable development since 1999. From being inexistent 10 years ago, Kosovar companies in the IT sector offer today...more
Agribusiness – Food Processing and PackagingKosovo's climate is influenced by its proximity to the Adriatic and Aegean Seas, as well as the continental European landmass to the north. more
Mining and Energy in KosovoKosovo has an enviable endowment of natural resources. At 14.7 million tons, Kosovo possesses the world’s fifth-largest proven reserves of lignite. This mineral is of outstanding importance for...more
Textile and LeatherWith over 200 years of tradition, textiles were the second largest industrial sector in Kosovo, after mining. In the past, products from Kosovar manufacturers targeted the local market, as well as...more
Wood ProcessingOver 50% of Kosovo's land mass is covered by forest, representing an area of approximately 465,000 hectares.more
TourismThe natural wealth of Kosovo represents high quality tourism resources. The description of Kosovo's potential in tourism is closely related to its geographic position. Kosovo's position in...more
Decorative StoneThe availability of one of the world's most beautiful decorative stone is one of Kosovo's hidden secrets. more
ConstructionDuring past years the construction industry became one of the most important sectors contributing to Kosovo’s economic growth.more