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Investor Guide

Establishing a CompanyRegistering a business in Kosovo is both simple and free-of-charge. All business and trade names are listed with the Registry of Business Organization and Trade Names and the basic information...more
Legal Forms of EnterprisesSimilar to common practices in EU countries, only certain types of business can be registered in Kosovo. According to the Law on Business Organization (No. 02/L-123) these types are: a single person...more
Investment IncentivesThe existing legal framework in Kosovo allows incentives for foreign and local investors. They are up to date and promote the growth of the SME-Sector. Additional incentives that enable Kosovo to cope...more
Legal FrameworkOn the 17th of February 2008 Kosovo declared its independence, becoming the latest state to emerge following the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The declaration of independence established Kosovo as a...more
Labor MarketKosovo is blessed with a young, skilled, multilingual and motivated labor force with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Taking into consideration the high availability of the work force and the liberal...more
EducationThere are three public universities in Kosovo, located in Pristina, Peja, Prizren. Recently a law to establish three more universities in Mitrovica, Gjilan, and Gjakova has passed.more