April 2015

General Secretary

Office of the General Secretary

The work of the Office of the General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is based on Article 38 of Law no. 03/L-189 on the State Administration of the Republic of Kosovo and UNMIK Regulation no. 2001/19 on the Executive Branch. The General Secretary is directly accountable to the Minister.

The MFA General Secretary is responsible for:

  • Overall administration and management of the MFA and ensuring the implementation of the duties with which it has been entrusted;
  • Ensuring adequate oversight, and providing objective, professional and correct advice for the respective authorities;
  • In cooperation with the General Director, coordinating cooperation with diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Kosovo and assisting in their further consolidation
  • Organizing and employing personnel in the Ministry and also in diplomatic missions of the Republic of Kosovo, issuing administrative orders and decisions regarding affairs relating to its duties;
  • Effective and efficient management of its respective resources;
  • Implementation of non-discriminatory policies toward personnel, including gender equality in all areas and at all levels, and ensuring that the composition of personnel reflects Kosovo’s multi-ethnic character  ;
  • Employment of personnel according to professional qualifications, skills and merits, through an open and fair competition;
  • The General Secretary does not take orders from any government, organization, institution or person, except those who are authorized by his or her Ministry;
  • The General Secretary assigns an authorized financial official for his or her Ministry and ensures full compliance with the decisions and administrative orders and financial regulations that have been issued for this purpose by the Ministry of Economy and Finance or other related authorities.

The General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assists the General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in administering the Economic and Strategic Affairs Office, The EU and NATO Offices, the Office of Bilateral Relations, International organizations and Security Affairs, the Regional Affairs Office and directly oversees the Office of Legal Affairs Office, treaties and human rights, the Consular Affairs Office, the Budgetary and Finance Office, the Protocol Office, the Administration Office, the Media Office, the Procurement Office, the Internal Audit Office, the Embassy Coordination Office and the MFA Archive Office.

Specific positions that report directly to the MFA General Secretary are office directors, executive assistants, administrative assistants, the auditor and certifier.

Contact for the office of the General Secretary: + 381 38 213 961; + 381 38 213 183

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