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Minister Gërvalla invites the Greek business community to invest in Kosovo

20 January, 2022 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, in the framework of her official visit to Greece, met today with representatives of the Greek business community organized by the Delphi Economic Forum.

In the focus of this meeting, Minister Gërvalla had the presentation of Kosovo's offer for foreign direct investments.

Minister Gërvalla explained to the business community many reasons why it is worth investing in Kosovo, starting from low taxes and services without bureaucracy, great human potential for professional work, coordinated legislation with that of the EU and the protection that is provided to foreign investors.

Among other things, the chief diplomat of Kosovo underlined the fact that the new Government of the country is very committed to strengthening the rule of law, and assured the Greek business community that they will find Kosovo as a country "very open for business and closed for corruption”.

She further responded to the interlocutors' high interest in specific issues related to the business environment and invited them to visit Kosovo and explore the many opportunities the country offers for their eventual investments.

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