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Gërvalla continues meetings in Bujanovac, guarantees Kosovo's support in many areas

Following the meetings with representatives of institutions, political parties and citizens of the Presevo Valley, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, was received in a meeting today by the President of the Municipal Assembly of Bujanovac, Mr. Enver Ramadani; Chief of the Advisory Group, Mr. Ermal Rexhepi; Councilor of the Municipal Assembly, Mrs. Aferdita Mustafa; and the Secretary of the Municipal Assembly, Mrs. Nerminale Aliu.

In the framework of this meeting, among others, were addressed topics of the political spectrum of the Valley, the situation regarding the functioning of local government institutions as well as the political and institutional discrimination of the central institutions of Serbia towards the obligation to implement the political, institutional and civil rights of the Albanians of the Valley.

President Ramadani presented the discriminatory figures in the field of employment of the Albanians of the Valley, whether they are in the enterprises or public companies, or in institutions of justice, primary health, or in relation to the civil status.

Minister Gërvalla emphasized that the institutions of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo are committed to provide continuous financial, economic support and in terms of facilitating services for the citizens of the Valley living in Kosovo. For this, she guaranteed that support would increase systematically.

In the context of substantial conversation, Gërvalla raised the issue of identifying forms and instruments of support.

In this context it was emphasized that increased attention should be paid to supporting youth employment projects, especially investing in skills acquisition.

She encouraged the interlocutors to explore the possibilities of twinning with the municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo, but also the possibilities of applying for EU funds, where the beneficiaries could be the municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo and the municipalities from the Valley.

She also had meetings with the President of the Albanian National Council, Mr. Ragmi Mustafi; Vice-President of the Albanian National Council, Mr. Enver Mehmeti; the coordinator of the Executive Body, Mrs. Lemane Mustafa; and the coordinator for official use of the Albanian language and script, Mr. Enkel Rexhepi.

Gërvalla informed the Council representatives that this visit and consultative meetings are part of a comprehensive and pragmatic institutional approach to supporting the Valley. According to Minister Gërvalla, this approach aims, among other things, to sensitize the international community about the challenges that the Albanians of the Valley are going through.

During the meeting, Gërvalla informed the representatives of the Council that she, as well as other members of the Government, is committed to providing sectorial support and in this spirit other visits are planned and expected to take place.

For his part, President Mustafi outlined the challenges and problems faced by the Albanians of the Valley, emphasizing the discrimination against Albanians in employment, in the legal framework, through discriminatory and exclusionary decision-making, and in other forms.

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