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Gërvalla met the Mayor Arifi in Bujanoc and discussed the concrete cooperation with the Government of Kosovo

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, is paying a visit today to the Presheva Valley. In the framework of the busy agenda of meetings scheduled for discussions and consultations with representatives of institutions, political parties and citizens, Minister Gërvalla met the Mayor of Bujanoc, Mr. Nagip Arifi.

During this meeting, Gërvalla gave Mayor Arifi assurances that this visit is part of the strong institutional commitment of the Republic of Kosovo to further advance the position of Albanians living in the Presheva Valley. 

This meeting was focused on reviewing the challenges and opportunities of Albanians living in the Presheva Valley, as well as strengthening the cooperation between the Presheva Valley and the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

Minister Gërvalla stated during this meeting that they are committed to identify the topics and demands to be continuously supported by the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.

She raised the issues related to the financial support for development projects, as well as opportunities to support areas, such as: higher education, culture and other projects.

Minister Gërvalla assured the Mayor Arifi that raising awareness of the international community on violation of the rights of the Albanians living in the Presheva Valley and discriminatory approach that the Serbian institutions employ against the Albanians living in the Presheva Valley is an important topic of the foreign policy of the Republic of Kosovo.

The meeting was concluded with the agreement of interlocutors that work needs to be done at all levels and that a harmonized and How do you write a headline for a press release strategic approach needs to be employed.

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