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Gërvalla participates in the ministerial meeting within the SEECP in Brussels

Brussels, 15 November 2021 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, participated today in the meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Southeast Europe in Brussels, invited by the Greek Chief Diplomat Mr. Nikos Dendias on the occasion of the chairmanship of the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) by Athens.

During this meeting, the priorities of the SEECP chairmanship from Athens were presented and current developments and regional cooperation were discussed, focusing on strengthening the synergy between the countries of Southeast Europe in order to develop the region.

On this occasion, Minister Gërvalla stressed that despite the difficult circumstances and challenging political climate in the region, the SEECP must always adhere to its basic goal of increasing political and security cooperation and expanding cooperation in the field of human capital, democracy and justice.

She has raised the issue of recent developments in Kosovo which has received open war threats from the neighboring state, Serbia.

Gërvalla informed the foreign ministers about the direct threat, which was manifested by the presence of Serbian troops and vehicles on the border with Kosovo, including Russian fighter jets, respectively MIG 29. Furthermore, she stressed that during this crisis, the Russian ambassador appeared at the border of Kosovo and welcomed these threats and aggressive moves by Serbia.

Speaking about Russian and Chinese influence through Serbia in the Balkans, Gërvalla stressed, among other things, that NATO and the EU must not tolerate the aggressive approach of Serbia, respectively its current leadership.

Also during her speech, Gërvalla expressed Kosovo's readiness for effective cooperation in achieving the results planned within the SEECP agenda.

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