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Gërvalla and Osmani sign an agreement on cooperation between Kosovo Diaspora and Northern Macedonia Diaspora

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Ms Donika Gërvalla, is participating in the joint meeting between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia that is being held today in Skopje.

On this occasion, Gërvalla and her counterpart from Northern Macedonia, Mr Bujar Osmani, have signed cooperation agreement in the field of diaspora.
During the presentation of this agreement, Gërvalla stressed that this agreement, in addition to deepening bilateral relations, will strengthen the diaspora ties of the two countries, based on the real needs that they have. She also said that the institutionalization of relations with the diaspora is necessary.
"As our ties extend beyond the economic, political, academic and diplomatic spheres, the agreement in the field of diaspora is only an instrument through which we strengthen the excellent relations of our compatriots," she added.

Gërvalla also said that the exchange of experiences and programs in the field of diaspora, mutual cooperation between responsible institutions in the field of diaspora in the implementation of joint activities, organization of joint conferences, are just some of the forms through which this agreement aims to intensify cooperation relations between the two states.

"We as a government are determined to advance economic diplomacy and public diplomacy. Art, culture and sport are instruments of cultural diplomacy and, as such, are the values through which diplomacy in general develops and through which the continuation of deep and lasting amicability should be aimed. The conclusion of the agreement in the field of diaspora will be a serious joint commitment to the establishment of joint cultural programs for the diaspora, programs through which we will develop and strengthen our bilateral relations, by aiming to contribute to the comprehensive objectives of cooperation between the two countries", she further emphasized.

Gërvalla reiterated that Northern Macedonia is a strategic partner of Kosovo and that cooperation through agreements, meetings and visits at various levels are a model of regional cooperation and good neighbourliness

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