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Deputy Minister Ahmeti received Ambassador Ifkovits Horner, Director of the Eurasia Division at Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland

Prishtina, 2 September 2021 - The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Kreshnik Ahmeti, on Thursday, received the Director of the Eurasia Division at Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Ambassador Anna Ifkovits Horner. 

The visit of Ambassador Ifkovits Horner to the Republic of Kosovo is conducted in the framework of political consultations between the two countries. After fruitful consultations between our diplomats, the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the possibilities of new cooperation within these priorities were discussed in today's meeting. 

Deputy Minister Ahmeti thanked Ambassador Ifkovits Horner for the assistance that Switzerland has historically provided to Kosovo and for the close cooperation that currently exists. He stressed that both countries have much in common, but above all stands our diaspora in Switzerland, which found the hospitality of this country and now contributes to the Swiss economy and society.

Mrs Ifkovits Horner was interested in the political and economic processes in the country, and in the rights of minority communities. In this regard, Mr Ahmeti informed that the current Government is built on two programmatic pillars: work and justice, and the first steps have already been taken to achieve these commitments. He also stressed that the Republic of Kosovo is an exemplary state for the treatment of national minorities and as a case it could serve other countries. 

By wishing Ambassador Ifkovits Horner and her delegation a successful visit, Deputy Minister Ahmeti expressed his readiness to engage even more in deepening and expanding relations between Kosovo and Switzerland. ​

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