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Chief diplomat Gërvalla hosted in Prishtina her German counterpart Maas

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms. Donika Gërvalla, hosted today in Prishtina her German counterpart, Mr. Heiko Maas, with whom she held a bilateral meeting.

Initially, Minister Gërvalla thanked Mr. Maas for his visit to Kosovo. Considering the excellent relations between the two countries, Chief Diplomat Gërvalla expressed the gratitude of the state and citizens of Kosovo for all the contribution and assistance that Germany has provided to Kosovo, through all stages of state building.

During the meeting, the two ministers focused on discussions on bilateral agreements between the two countries, in which case they considered that cooperation should be deepened in all areas, including economy, education and science.

It was stressed that Kosovo will be provided support for deepening bilateral cooperations in relation to other EU countries, as well.

They also discussed the agreement on recognition of the driver's licenses, which is nearly to be finalized.

The role of the Albanian diaspora in Germany was also underlined, where over 400 thousand Albanians were said to be well integrated in German society.
The German side expressed readiness to provide support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of Kosovo in terms of internal reforms, but also for its foreign service.

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