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Kosovo and Israel established diplomatic relations

Republic of Kosovo and State of Israel established yesterday diplomatic relations between both states.

State of Israel and Republic of Kosovo established yesterday diplomatic relations by signing a joint declaration and two memoranda for political consultations and development cooperation.

This historic act in relations between both states took place in a virtual ceremony, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Mr. Gabriel Ashkenazi, signed an agreement for establishing diplomatic relations between both states at Ambassadorial level.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs. Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla, stated that the establishment of the diplomatic relations with Israel opens a new historical chapter between both states.

“In this important day we open a new chapter in historical relation between our countries, the existence of the people and statehood of which has been challenged. Our states have been close to each other in most difficult times and today we start a journey as two states”, stated the Head of Kosovar Diplomacy. She also called on Israel companies to visit Kosovo and make the first steps for attracting the Israel investments in the country.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Mr. Gabriel Ashkenazi, stated that the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the Israel and Kosovo represents a very important, emotional and historical step.

“Today we are making the history. We are establishing diplomatic relations between Israel and Kosovo, a long awaited moment. This is the first time that diplomatic relations are being established virtually. Today we have the chance to increase cooperation with the people of Kosovo, with whom we have warm and friendly relations", stated the Head of Israel Diplomacy.

Minister Haradinaj-Stublla extended a special gratitude for the bipartisan support to United States of America, which enabled the reaching of this agreement, strongly supporting the strengthening of the international subjectivity of Kosovo and also being ally of both countries.

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