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Minister Haradinaj-Stublla is continuing the reconstruction of the diplomatic and functional capacity of the Republic of Kosovo

Following the commitments for internal reform and strengthening the internal capacities of the structures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (MFAD), as well as the governing priority for a full functional review of the foreign service, concrete actions are continuing based on legal provisions which aim at the development of human and operational resources in MFAD.

Diplomatic rotation has now become regular, and the internal normalcy has begun to restore where concrete actions have been taken in terms of promotion and rotation. In terms of internal strengthening in order to address the needs for development and professionalization of the foreign service, 25 MFAD officials who did not have diplomatic ranks and who met the conditions provided by the legal provisions were recommended for promotion by the Rank and Disciplinary Commission.

Also, the regular rotation has successfully continued, according to the concept ‘one in service, one in ministry’ started months ago by Minister Meliza Haradinaj - Stublla. This process has continued to be carried out in full transparency, guided by the merit-based and equality principle, based on professional qualification, work experience, knowledge of foreign languages and certifications required for the provision of consular services.

In the framework of ending the regular mandate in the coming months, about 20 diplomats will return to serve in the MFAD, who will be replaced by 20 MFAD officials who will serve in the respective diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Kosovo from Washington to Tokyo. These officials have gained adequate experience in MFAD to successfully serve in diplomatic and consular missions, as well as bring with them diplomatic skills and important experience from our missions around the world. These actions are inevitably returning the necessary normalcy to the MFAD.

On this occasion, Minister Haradinaj-Stublla congratulated the selected officials and asked them to contribute to the strengthening of the foreign service through the implementation of best practices in the functioning of the foreign service, performing with high honor and responsibility the tasks defined as and serving with dedication in advancing the strategic interest of the Republic of Kosovo.

The aim of MFAD is to create a professional foreign service, and in order to strengthen the work and dignity of members of the foreign service.



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