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Important announcement for our compatriots coming to Kosovo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora is closely following the developments at the border crossing points between Slovenia and Croatia, between Croatia and Serbia, between Hungary and Serbia and between the latter and Kosovo, where there is a large number of our compatriots waiting to come to homeland for holidays.

MFAD has established emergency headquarters within our embassies in these countries, as well as within the ministry, to follow every development at the border crossing points where there are long waits, and to assist our citizens who are coming to Kosovo.


Slovenia-Croatia border, waits are up to 10 hours


Kosovo Embassy in Croatia announces that, based on information from border crossing points, waits for entry into Croatia from the Slovenian border are up to ten (10) hours, while at the exit, at the Croatia-Serbia border, waits are up to five (5) hours.

The reason for such long waits is the compatriots from all Balkan countries, including Croats, who are returning to Croatia for the holiday season. 

Our Embassy in Zagreb announces that Croatian authorities have increased their capacities at these border crossing points to speed up control and avoid long waits.


Strict controls at the borders of Slovenia


New anti-COVID measures taken by the Government of Slovenia have led to long waits at the Slovenian border. This is because, as the Kosovo Embassy in Slovenia announces, the decision of the Slovenian government prohibits the movement from one municipality to another for all citizens regardless of citizenship - with a few exceptions. Therefore, the delays are caused as a result of the detailed control by the authorities there to verify all those who want to cross the border whether they have a fact that proves which of the exceptions they are taking advantage of.

There is also an influx of Slovenian citizens returning to their homeland for the holiday season, and they have also had an impact in creating long waits at the border.


At the two main Hungary-Serbia border crossing points, waits are up to 5 hours


The situation is similar at the two main Hungary-Serbia border crossing points, where there are long waits. According to our Embassy in Hungary, the waiting time for small vehicles at the Röszke-Horgos border crossing point in the direction of Serbia is up to five (5) hours, while the waits at the other Tompa-Kelebia border crossing point, near the town of Subotica, are up to three (3) hours.

According to our Embassy in Budapest, these long waits are happening because the main border crossing points of Hungary with Serbia are very frequented at this time by various citizens from all over the Balkans and abroad.


Information for our citizens who transit through Serbia


Kosovo Liaison Office in Serbia announces that the large influx of waiting at border crossing points at the entry of Serbia is also a result of new anti-COVID measures that will start to be implemented from Sunday in this country.

According to the notice we have received from the Liaison Office of Serbia, in the framework of anti-COVID measures taken by this country, new measures will enter into force starting from 20.12.2020 and stipulating that, in order to enter within its territory, the PCR test is mandatory but not in the case of transit. Kosovo citizens transit through Serbia and, under new measures, they must leave the country within 12 hours.

The increase of controls due to these measures is expected to increase the waits at the border crossing points at the entries and exits of Serbia, and our compatriots coming to Kosovo should be informed of this.


Kosovo embassies in Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary are ready to assist


Our embassies in these countries are ready to assist. Even today, these embassies have assisted, in several cases, our compatriots who have waited for several hours not knowing that their travel documents have expired. Our embassies have shown high vigilance by quickly providing them with valid travel documents.

MFAD asks all citizens, in case they have any problems or need assistance, to contact without hesitation our embassies which, by order of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla, are ready to respond to every need of the citizens of Kosovo who are coming to Kosovo during this period.





Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Croatia


Address: Trg Kralja Tomislava 8 10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 (0) 1 482 7742 +385 (0) 1 482 7743 +385 (0) 1 6430 287 Consulate: +385 (0) 1 482 77 41; +385 (0) 1 482 77 21

E-mail: embassy.croatia@rks-gov.net

Web: http://ambasada-ks.net/hr/




Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Slovenia


Address: Tivolska c. 48, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Tel: + 386 (0)1 541 54 10; + 386 (0)1 541 54 11

Email: embassy.slovenia@rks-gov.net

Web: http://ambasada-ks.net/si/ 


Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Hungary


Address: BANK CENTER 1054 Budapest, Szabadsag Ter 7. 1054 Budapest

Tel:  +36 1 688 7872

E-mail: embassy.hungary@rks-gov.net

Web: http://ambasada-ks.net/hu/


Kosovo Liaison Office in Serbia:

Address: Vladimira Popovica 40A, 11070 Belgrade

Tel:  +381 (0) 66 8787871 (Serbia); +383 (0) 49 448 569 (RKS)


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