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Kosovo shall start NATO membership, then continue the dialogue with Serbia!

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo reacts harshly to the tendentious statements of Serbian President Aleksandar Vuiqi, former Minister and close collaborator of Slobodan Miloshevec, who today openly threatened a new war in the Balkans with all neighboring countries aligned under NATO, saying Serbia should continue military strengthening.

Kosovo is neither Nagorno-Karabakh nor a frozen conflict. Vucic's reaction and deliberate comparisons clearly show the intention to destabilize and create new tensions in the Balkan region. The participation of regular Serbian military forces (including snipers) in Belarus is openly known. Serbian soldiers have been seen actively involved in the conflict in Ukraine, and the use of Serbian weapons in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict has been reported internationally.

It is evident and clear that after Russia's imposing in the fighting in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, and presenting itself as a mediator in resolving this conflict under the "divide and rule" system, Russia and Serbia, as the main suppliers of weapons in this armed conflict, are trying to draw such parallels in order to justify its militarization and supply by weapons which are incompatible to that of NATO.

All Russian-Serbian efforts to undermine stability, peace and security in the region are unacceptable to Kosovo, contrary to European and universal values, and will fail as they shamefully capitulated in Kosovo in 1999.

Kosovo will step up efforts to start its membership in North Atlantic Alliance, respectively NATO, and only then should it continue the dialogue with Serbia!

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