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Press Release

Prishtina, 8 January 2019 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deep sadness and strongly condemns the conviction of three young Albanians of fifty-five days of imprisonment, only because they wrote the initials of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UÇK) on some vehicles in Beograd.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that in a democratic society and state, which aspires membership with the European Union, nobody can be sentenced because he/she may express the opinion or present different conviction and eventually display an idea or symbol, since that is not harmful for the others.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers as profoundly unacceptable that twenty years after the war and systematic crimes against humanity committed against the Kosovo Albanians by the military and paramilitary institutions of the Serbian state and almost eleven years of existence of the Republic of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state, the non-democratic and non-liberal regime in Serbia revives fear and hatred to everything that is Albanian and derives from Kosovo.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls upon international institutions and mechanisms of human rights protection to react immediately to condemn such anti-European behaviour and on immediate annulment of such decision as completely unfair and unjustifiable. 


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