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“N” takes the story on NEWBORN to London

Prishtina, 29 mars 2018 – Five years ago, the Kosovo Independence Monument “NEWBORN” took different look from that when it was inaugurated on 17 February 2008. Yellow letters were coloured with flags of countries which did recognize Kosovo until that time. Letter “N” of this monument has been recreated with dimensions of original one in Prishtina and is being exhibited in the museum “Design Museum” of London, under the exhibition “Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-18”.


 This exhibition has been cured by Margaret Cubbage from “Desing Museum”, together with Lucienne Roberts and David Shaw from Publishing House “GraphicDesign&”. The exhibition aims to explore the power of graphics in politics and protest. In this form, the works brought together in “Design Museum” of London reveal various events, whether political or social, for a period of 10 years. Thus, the role of design and art in general has been proved to move forward a cause, bringing people together, but also fuelling discontents. Various works of world activists have been brought together in a place. Fisnik Ismaili, author of obelisk, informed in his official page in “Facebook” about the opening of exhibition. 

Source: https://www.koha.net/kulture/83829/n-ja-con-ne-londer-rrefimin-per-newborn-in/

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