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Mr. Hoxhaj meets British parliamentarians: United Kingdom is committed to Kosovo and the Balkans

Prishtina, 14 February 2017 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, met today with a group of parliamentarians of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, with whom they discussed on interstate relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Minister Hoxhaj informed the British parliamentarians about the progress of Kosovo and thanked them for the continuous support the United Kingdom has shown towards Kosovo.

Mr. Hoxhaj and British parliamentarians discussed on deepening the cooperation between the two countries in fields of common interest, with a focus on economic and education field, without leaving aside cooperation in the political field.

"We talked about a number of collaborations in various fields between Kosovo and the United Kingdom. Economic and education cooperation remain our top priorities. Also, we talked about parliamentarism, as well as the United Kingdom's interest for Kosovo and the Balkans in order to maintain peace and stability", said Mr. Hoxhaj.

Minister Hoxhaj stressed that the United Kingdom remains an important supporter for Kosovo and its development.


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