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Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative is unique regional structure, consisted of six Western Balkans Participants with the aim to promote closer regional cooperation and common, comprehensive and harmonized approach of MARRI Participants in areas of migration, asylum, border control, trafficking in human beings, visa regime, integration and return of refugees with the aim to reach international and European standards in these areas.

Kosovo joined MARRI with the Cavtat Declaration at the MARRI Regional Forum held on 10 June 2014 in Cavtat during Croatian Presidency-in-office of the MARRI regional initiative.    

The main scope is to provide free and well managed movement of persons in Western Balkans, contributing that way to development and stability of our region. MARRI Secretariat is located in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. 

From 2019-2020 Kosovo had the Presidency- in-office of MARRI which lasts one year.
 (download here priorities of Kosovo Presidency- in-office)

(more information can be found on http://marri-rc.org.mk/about-us/)