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Division for Public Information

Division for Public Information provides professional support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of Kosovo in discharging its mission, thus enabling the communication and transmission to both local and international public of official standings, positions, messages, and orientation of Kosovo’s foreign services.

Main activities of the Division for Public Information through which it accomplishes its mission are as follows: organizing press conferences, continuously contacting local and international journalists, preparing and disseminating communiqués, announcements and releases to media representatives, enabling and realizing interviews of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, and other senior press officials, monitoring written electronic media, maintaining and managing the MFAD’s website, and the websites of Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Kosovo, maintaining and managing MFAD’s social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flicker, Instagram)  

The Division for Public Information is strongly engaged in coordinating activities related to public diplomacy. The Division provides special contribution and commitment to further advancement of MFAD’s digital and cultural diplomacy. 

The Division for Public Information also provides technical and professional support to departments and diplomatic and consular missions in all aspects related to communication with public, both within and outside the territory of Kosovo. 

The Division for Public Information prepares and disseminates different publications on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, which include periodicals, summaries, presentations, catalogues and other occasional publications of the Ministry, departments and embassies of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Division for Public Information is part of activities conducted by other departments of the Government of Kosovo which entail a special interest by international journalists and media, through their accreditation, coordination and management. 

Duties and responsibilities of the Division for Public Information are as follows:

  • Provide professional support to the ministry in the field of communication and information;
  • Propose, compile and ensure implementation of Ministry’s communication plans;
  • Organise press conferences and prepare press releases, statements, reports and other media publications;
  • Maintain the official website of the Ministry;
  • Coordinate requests of access to public documents, and prepare reports on the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents.


Senior Public Communications Officer
Tel: +383 38 200 77 135
Email: qendresa.fazliu@rks-gov.net 

Official for Cultural Diplomacy 
Tel +383 38 200 77 144
Email: bukurie.bajraliu@rks-gov.net

Tel: +383 38 200 77 157 
Email: fatos.shala@rks-gov.net  


Tel: +383 38 200 77 064
Email: qdp.mpjd@rks-gov.net

Public Documents Access Officer
Tel: +383 38 200 77 064
Email: arben.rugova@rks-gov.net


Address: Ministria e Punëve të Jashtme dhe Diasporës
Rr. “Luan Haradinaj”; 10000 Prishtinë; Republika e Kosovës
Email: dkp.mpj@rks-gov.net