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Internal Audit Division


The Internal Audit Division acts within the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora(MFAD) pursuant to the Law no. 03/L– 128 on Internal Audit. This Division was established in 13.05.2009 initially acted as Internal Audit Unit  until 12.02.2013, respectively following the adoption of the Regulation No.04/2013 on internal organization and systematization  of jobs in MFA , the Internal Audit Unit is transformed into Internal Audit Division within  MFAD.

IAD, as provided by Law on Internal Audit, performs internal audits within MFAD.

Head of Internal Audit Division reports to the Minister.

Total number of staff members within Internal Audit Division is three (3).


IAD mission is to carry out activities in assisting the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora(MFAD) in added value and improve the functionality in order to achieve the objectives by improving efficiency in the process of governance, risk management and control. 

Also to assist MFAD in maintaining effective controls by evaluating their effectiveness and efficiency and by promoting continuous development and strengthening of their compliance with the IAD mission and objectives.

In order to fulfil its mission, Internal Audit should:
- act in accordance with the basic principles of internal auditing practices (legality, integrity, objectivity, reliability, competence, independence);
- act in accordance with the principles of Internal Audit Code of Conduct;
- act in accordance with the Internal Audit law, rules, policies, manuals, instructions, charter and professional standards.


The scope of Internal Audit function is the involvement of all departments and divisions, and the involvement of diplomatic and consular missions in the internal audits as provided by the Law on Internal Audit. Internal Audit examines and evaluates the effectiveness of the management and control system and mechanisms (policies, procedures and plans), which MFAD adapted to guide its activities. 

Internal auditors have full free and unlimited access to all actions, records, properties and personnel within the public sector entity. All employees of the public sector entity must have full cooperation to make available any material or information requested by an auditor, or if relevant to auditing. 


Internal Audit goals are:
- Identification of risk management and control systems;
- Assessment of risk management and control systems;
- Assessing the effectiveness of control by promoting continuous improvement;
- Assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of control involved in organisation governance, operations and information systems. This includes process assessment to ensure: 
Credibility and integrity of financial and operational information;
•    Effectiveness and efficiency of actions;
•    Assets maintenance;
•    Compliance with laws, regulations, instructions, decisions, etc..

Duties and responsibilities of the Internal Audit Division are:

•    Ensures proper enforcement and observance of laws, rules, policies, instructions and manuals as defined by the legislation in force;
•    Organizes, conducts and oversees all internal audit activities and submits the results of the audit in accordance with the legislation in force;
•    Prepares and submits quarterly and annual reports on the Internal Audit activities.
•    Ensures timely preparation and submission of the annual strategic plan and IAD.
•    Reviews the quality of work of internal audit and evaluation of internal auditors and follow-up review of audit recommendations.

Director of the Audit Unit/ MFAD
Tel:  +381 38 212 528
+381 38 200 11081
E-mail: hamdi.berbatovci@rks-gov.net