488 - Politika | Ministria e Puneve te Jashtme

Global Issues

Kosovo has undergone an extraordinary political and economic transformation, from a country in war to a young, liberal democracy that is working very hard to join the European Union. Kosovo’s policymakers, with the support of the international community, have strengthened Kosovo by ensuring that its statehood is founded upon internationally acceptable norms, while tailoring best practices on democratic governance to foster a civic-based, inclusive, multiethnic society. 

Our demonstrated endorsement of transformational rather than incremental solutions places Kosovo in a leading position in the Balkans to discuss governance and foreign policy affairs. Given the dramatic events in the Middle East and the shift of the focus of international attention to common international challenges, the Western Balkans has been sidelined from the spotlight of international politics. Within this landscape, by sharing a wealth of accumulated experience with other regions of the world, Kosovo has the potential to become a vital contributor beyond the Balkans.


  • The Gërmia Hill Conference
    • The Gërmia Hill Talks