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About the Academy

The Diplomatic Academy of Republic of Kosovo was established on 8 March 2012 with the Government Decision no. 03/65, as a public institution that is aimed at preparing and training members of diplomatic staff and other officials serving in the Republic of Kosovo missions abroad. In the field of foreign policy, the Academy shall undertake tasks that have education, training, and counselling as well as research character. 


The Diplomatic Academy is an independent institution that in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo aims to develop professional (diplomatic) skills of diplomats and other civil servants who deal with international matters or work in an international environment.  



Diplomatic Academy aims to achieve this by: 


  • Identifying needs and demands of civil servants, in cooperation with MFA.
  • Supporting the MFA in determining objective (real) criteria to recruit new members of staff. 
  • Supporting the MFA in selection of candidates, based on the abovementioned criteria.
  • Designing specialised courses based on the identified needs and demands.
  • Selecting participants for its training activities based on specific criteria, depending on the training course.
  • Organising annual training programmes for young diplomats.
  • Organising specific training programmes for mid- and high-level diplomats.
  • Organising specialised training programmes (ex. in international negotiations, public diplomacy, EU institutions, international organisations or effective advocacy). 
  • Organising induction courses for other officials of MFA (non-diplomatic staff).
  • Evaluating participants during the courses and issuing reports for the MFA and other involved institutions, in regards to successful participation. 
  • Issuing certificates for participants who have successfully completed their training activities. 
  • Organising lectures on general topics, seminars, workshops, e-conferences and other activities, in order to raise general capacities of diplomats and other civil servants.
  • Evaluating its activities and defining the latter’s impact. 
  • Issuing annual bulletin regarding its activities and developments in diplomacy. 
  • Coordinating, cooperating and building relations with its strategic partners and other local or international institutions that are specialised for trainings, Diplomatic Academies that dealing with diplomatic trainings and raising of capacities, as well as by involving external expertise in its the Diplomatic Academy curriculum itself. 


The Diplomatic Academy aims to bring together the local and international experience and expertise – as stipulated in Regulation no. 01/2012 on the Functioning of the Diplomatic Academy of the Republic of Kosovo – thus becoming a leading institution for diplomacy and international relations in Kosovo. Until the end of 2017, the Diplomatic Academy will have trained a new generation of successful diplomats and other civil servants, who work in international matters or in an international environment, as well as will have developed its teaching and organisation capacities to create its curricula, that will effectively meet the training needs for the MFA and other Ministries. Through these activities, the Diplomatic Academy will strengthen the capacity of Kosovo to promote its interests and to participate effectively in the international environment.  


The Diplomatic Academy of the Republic of Kosovo is composed of 4 staff members: director, senior official of the DA, senior official for training and development and an administrative assistant, while its headquarters is located in Prizren.